RARE: King Birendra’s 33rd B:Day in 1978.

I guess A & T weren’t in Kathmandu at the time of my last visit when I attended the 33rd birthday of (the late) King Birendra on December 29, 1978 so I attach some of my photos from 37 years ago!

… wrote Nick who just in his mail where he booked a room at Tings.

[EasyGallery key=’66’]

Nick is absolutely right!

We weren’t in Nepal in 1978.

And guess that’s the same for most of our guests and travelers coming to Nepal these days.

Nick was not only here in 1978. He not only witnessed the Late King Birendra’s 33rd years anniversary. He documented the event with these fantastic photos he enclosed his mail!

Hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. If you do -. look forward to Nick’s photo’s vol. 2!

Thanks a lot to Nick

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