Art and Art Only…. And a little bit more


Tomorrow LimboNepal has it’s big event

The event is the culmination of a group of young artist’s 4 weeks of intense work.

So why not use this occasion to a short recap of our idea behind Tings. Why we do what we do? At least to remind ourselves about it 🙂

We left Europe because we wanted to do something for talented young boys and girls – inspired by the many we had met on our intensive travelling around the world. We wanted to start up a small business, that young talents could run themselves without us being there – a business that not only generates sufficient amount of money to help them get closer to their dream, but also gave us a chance to share our own skills, knowledge and experience with them through our involvement.



Our involvement is not limited to Tings TEa Lounge

We only get involved in projects, where we feel we can make a difference. Either because we have experience in the field or because its something we’re interested in and want to dig deeper into ourselves. Or both.

One of the areas we got involved in right from the start was the local contemporary art scene.

Since our first Nepalese Art Exhibition: NoNameNoThemeJustArt back in 2012 we have not only gained an important insight into the art scene:  where is the talent, how big is the scene etc. We have also established a small platform where the talent has a possibility to meet local and international art lovers and art buyers – a hub for art and culture travelers.

We have named this platform Art@Tings – the name we use for all our exhibitions, workshops, poetry events etc. Today it endorses all our art and culture projects whether they happens at Tings or somewhere else. In Kathmandu or in other parts of the world.



NONE of us are artists or art specialists

But we have both worked with creative people for more than 30 years and know how to deal with creativity. And Thomas has hands on experience in almost all aspects of culture and art projects.

But the most important thing is the love we share for art.

So we feel that we have something to offer, that can make a difference.

On the art scene we have defined the two major problems for the young Nepali artists: 1) They need space and time to create and 2) they need to get the freedom to express what they feel without interference from families, friends and organisations.

In all our projects we give the artists 100% freedom to create what they want, we don’t take royalty/commission of the sales, and we involve ourselves passionately in the process. We show them the power of online marketing, content marketing and social marketing, and we handle the press. Finally – we arrange and fund the openings. Nepal is by far the most boring place on this planet when it comes receptions, gallery openings, red carpet after parties etc. Our openings are always informal gatherings where art and culture lovers (some times in hundreds!) can see the art and talk with the artist.


Our latest Art@Tings project was kicked off February 1st

It’s called LimboNepal, and it’s very different from everything we have done so far. It’s about the process behind creating art and art events. And about opening the eyes for what’s possible. And creating connections and crossing cultures. And more important: to show how little (in terms of funds) it actually takes to create art.

In November ’14 artist, model and performer Sophus Ritto opened a new art space, Limbo, in the heart of Copenhagen. A space that is intended to move around from city to city and involve like minded.

The obvious places to take the project would be Tokyo, New York, Lisbon, Berlin or other international art hubs. But Sophus chose Kathmandu as the 2nd Limbo venue.

When he told us about his plans at his opening we immediately joined the project… it was exactly what we feel the Kathmandu art scene needs.

LIMBO ACTION BLOD & OLIE from Sophus Ritto on Vimeo.


The project Is named LimboNepal

Art@Tings role in LimboNepal has been to set it up – to build the foundation. And then stay away. We established the core creative center by introducing Sophus Ritto and Aditya Aryal to each other and created a very loose framework.


Money was irrelevant. The focus on money kills too many projects.

Sophus followed his Western way of working where ideas and visions came before funds. Aditya got tangled up in this way of working and soon the project not only had a venue and a lot of materials to create from. It became a team of local artist friends: Sudeep Balla, Shraddha Shrestha & Sandhya Silwal. And so did DJ GnireshT. And without really talking about it the international photographer Stephen Freiheit suddenly was part of the creative circus – documenting the venue and the people, creating PhotoArt.

After 2 weeks the first PIECES OF art were on the walls

And after 3 weeks LimboNepal had its first event with performances and a cool crowd of art enthusiasts, guests passing by, guests from Tings and a few curious media.

And tomorrow LimboNepal has its big kick off event.

Several performances are in the pipe line, the installations are ready to rise, GnireshT has his new album out in a special art format (and NO – its NOT main stream shit), both Carlsberg and Bacardi will serve drinks, the crowd is warming up, the artists are impatient and the press, that haven’t covered the project so far, is ready to cover it all.

2015-02-24 15.55.19

We will not be there FOR THE OPENING

Or we will not be there physically. Instead we will follow it all from Copenhagen – with a drink and our mobiles. Not because we don’t want to be there. But because the project deserves to be left on its own, without interference. What we have seen so far is really good – some of it has international standards. But that’s not a guarantee for success. Things can still go wrong. After all – Limbo is about human beings and they are unpredictable

Will the art sell?

I don’t know. It really doesn’t matter.

LimboNepal is a process – and it was already happening after the 1st week. So from that point of view the project is already a success.


Our future projects

LimboNepal has shown us that the talent and energy is there. And it has potential to reach an audience outside Nepal. It just needs a kind kick in the ass. And that was exactly what we wanted to give to the young artists when we moved to Kathmandu. Kind kicks in the asses.

Because the art scene deserves to be left on its own. Without interference from us grown ups, all the specialists, Organisations etc. Just art, artists and art lovers.

Our dream is that one day we just receive an invitation for the opening of a truly international art project with visions, anarchy and a fuck u all attitude. Something we later can read about on art blogs around the world. Then our mission is accomplished, but not finished.

Thomas from Copenhagen.




I think it’s great what you and your wife are doing, and to be able to make the decision to move away from the artists for the opening, specially after being associated with the initiation process is great!
I’m looking forward to seeing more on the blog! Best wishes, Vee
Veerangana Solanki, Art Curator, Mumbai, India 


House DJ GnireshT will release his new album in a special Limetid LimboNepal Art Edition


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