We need a young food lover to join our team?




Our friend, colleague & SoulMate Aman leaves Tings.

He ready for new challenges elsewhere!

When Aman came to us in 2012 he started working in the lounge. But very soon his love for food drew him to our Kitchen where he joined Jit’s team of food lovers playing with Maki Rolls, Rillettes de Wild Boa, Vietnamese Summer Rolls, French Onion Soup, Mayonnaise, Burgers, Gazpacho, Coco Crepes, Dulche Leche, Hummos, Cinnamon Buns, various bread and all the other items from Tings Tea Lounge menu.

In the 2 years Aman has worked at Tings he has not only learned how to make more than 50 international dishes. He has also gained an indept understanding of the most common and basic kitchen skills and routines: He knows the importance of kitchen hygiene, he knows what ‘mis-en-place’ means, what ‘al dente’ is, how old olive oil smells and a lot more. Things he – like the rest of our kitchen staff – carries with them whereever life takes them.

We wish Amam al the best and are looking forward to follow him in the future.

TDS warm beetroot salad

We are looking FOR A yOung talent who wants to work with Tings Food

  • Love for food is a MUST.
  • Kitchen skills are fine when it comes to cutting, chopping and other ‘universal routines’.
  • Kitchen experience is not important – we actually want to teach you ourselves.

Working at Tings is casual and in a freindly atmosphere where we help each other. We work hard and sometimes long hours.

If this sounds interesting to you OR you know someone in your circles that needs a job tell the person to call Dorje on 9808359236 OR 1 4414497


Annette, Thomas, & Dorje


Tings team, you are the best. Thank you for all your hard work + incredibly good food. We had fun together + i’d be happy to work together + joke around with you guys again.

Feedback from The Danish Embassy after our catering 3 weeks ago 

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