Some guests are just TOO stupid

Tings is a casual lounge hotel, NOT a five star hotel. We focus on the individual traveler’s needs for comfort and ambiance – but don’t expect TV, air con or a fridge in your room.   

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This is a standard text in ALL our mails.

We want everybody to know what kind of place Tings is. When people arrive this note is on their bed.
This is what we write about electricity in the information sheet we have in all rooms
El Info

What a relief it is to get rid of stupid guests

30 minutes ago a guest checked out after one night because she couldn’t use her hair dryer during load shedding.

If her rooms had been booked through Agoda or any other booking sites she wouldn’t have got her money for her remaining nights back.
We don’t use booking sites, and only let her pay for the one night staying here – we were more than happy to see her out. But the sad thing is that we have said no to so many travelers who wanted to stay with us.

2 thoughts on “Some guests are just TOO stupid

  1. What Thomas doesn’t write is that she actually INSISTED on using her hair drier during load shedding. So Mithun had to turn on the generator we keep for emergencies – only for her to dry her hair. We find that kind of behavior utterly unpleasant.



  2. it’ s unbelievable some people. I can ensure that last year me and my boyfriend Pedro we stayed in Tings and we just loved the place, the people, the food, the cozy and chill environment.
    Katmandu is not a place for hairdryer and make up!!
    I loved so much the Tings that probably we meet next time in Myanmar!


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