Off course we play Mazzy Star at Tings


I was talking to one of the bhais at Tings and he mentioned that Irina’s voice reminded him of Mazzy Star and i nearly jumped out of my skin because I have never, ever met anyone in Kathmandu who knows Mazzy Star.

I still have one of her haunting albums on tape (yes i still have cassettes, i’m from the pre cd + computer days)!! But the bhai at Tings is definitely in the right place if he’s heard her!


Our new friend S. Rai came by the other day. I don’t know how and why – but she ended up talking about music with one of the boys.

Off course they know Mazzy Star!

And they also know that Mazzy Star is the duo where Hope Sandoval sings when she’s not working on her own project: Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions which we also plays.

Music is an important part of the ambiance we want to create in the lounge. It means a lot to us that people who visits Tings hear all the fantastic music they never get a chance to hear elsewhere.

Like Mazzy Star who has been a part of our personal life for 20 years.

Annette & Thomas

Tings is a hotel where people relax and sleeps. So we can’t play loud music. So unfortunately we can’t play RAI KO RIS – the band S. Rai plays in. But check them out online.

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