ReConceptions Of Jazz 2014!

ReConceptions Of Jazz #14


We have used a short break rethinking our art projects. We feel that Tings is too small for what we want. So now we have decided to spread our art & culture activities around Kathmandu. But we will be back with more art in Tings Tea Lounge in 2015!

IN 2011 we introduced Art@Tings.

Our first event was the photo exhibition JazzLegends@Tings. A collection of original photographic portraits of the biggest legends ever done by two of the best photographers in this field.

The exhibition was a huge  fiasco. Nobody – or very few – came to see these exquisite works. Works that will never reach Nepal again.

Fiascoes don’t stop us

We love art and feel that we can make a difference – not only with the art we show, but also the way we do it.

So we didn’t give up. And we’re glad, we didn’t. Since Jazzlegends our art events has grown bigger and bigger with an increasing crowd at the openings, intensive media coverage and an increasing sale for the involved artist(-s). After 10 Art@Tings the last 3 years we’re now ready with a new project.



We are proud to present: ReConceptions of Jazz #14

ReConceptions Of Jazz is a music festival where Jazz meets the DJ’s in Kathmandu.

18 shows on 12 venues from 16 – 22 October.


All events are free and everybody involved – except ourselves – get payed.

See you around town

/Thomas & Annette


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