Monsoon Music

Woke up in the middle of the night in a terrible mood. Monsoon Mood.

Killed time listening to songs, from bands who inspire and stimulates me. Mostly from new bands coming out of Copenhagen like _MØ_, Mike Sheridan, Trentemoller and Kasper Bjorke. Dub Tractor aka Anders Remmer, Thomas Knak and a few acts from Iceland too.
Denmark is after all a Monsoon Country.


A guest asked me about the music we have been playing in The Lounge the last weeks.

I couldn’t tell – we have been traveling.

So I asked Mithun who has been on duty most of the time.

It turned out that it was music from Tings on Soundcloud wher I have created a few playlist with music that we not only love – it’s also music that fits perfectly to the ambiance we want to surround ourselves with.

As a part of the TingsBlog we have a TingsRadio where we embed the playlists we feel match our mood.

Like the new MoonsoonMusic we will feature and update the coming months.


Hope you will like it.




Annette & Thomas



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