We have traveled for a life time

On pleasure travels – alone and with kids. We have traveled through our jobs on business, been long-term travelers as back packers on all continents – in mountains, deserts, jungles, cities, villages, islands, rivers etc. And had numerous luxurious city-culture-trips.

So we have stayed in thousands of hotels, guest houses, home stays, residencies, tents, farm houses, monasteries etc. around the world.

Looking back at all the places we have stayed, its not the expensive ones that are topping our minds. We can’t even remember them.

The places we remember are the places where we met people who still means something to us. Like Country House in Chulamani in Bolivia (The owner Xavier has been a big inspiration). And  places with ambience.


Our favorite places have one thing in common. Not money… Ambience!

The strange & difficult thing about ambience is how it is perceived. It defers from people to people depending on their back ground, culture etc. And you only know it once you feel it.

When we decided to start up Tings in Kathmandu people thought we were crazy.

There were already more than 600 hotels & Guest Houses in Kathmandu Valley alone.  And a lot of very good ones in all prize ranges.

So why one more Hotel?

The thing is – all the places we stayed in on our research trip were OK, fine, good.

But they lacked something: The ambience we are craving for, the ambiance we have met in our favorite places around the world, the ambiance we know that our fellow travelers like too (we know them – we have met a lot of them around the world.

And now at Tings 🙂


Ambience is difficult to describe in word – but let’s give it a try

We often get young Nepalese students from one of the many Hotel Management Schools coming by asking for the reception.

Tings is like a big house with a big family and a lot of friends – we don’t need a reception we explain when they ask.

That’s the feel we want around Tings:

A place that is much more than convenience and and functions. A place with personality where you can kick off your shoes, relax and feel at home. A HUB that nurture creativity, a HUB where people can exchange travel experiences, a HUB where people can exchange business cards. A HUB you would like to return to.


To create that ambience we focus on SPACES

Tings has a lot of space for common areas. Space which most other Hotels would turn into rooms.

Travelers like ourselves need space to relax, work, read and/or meet and at the same time space where you can do nothing at all – which you sometimes need. So we have cozy corners with daybeds, cushions & hammocks, sofas etc. Indoor as wells as outdoor.

We also have space for travelers who are desperate to cook their own food, travelers who wants space and privacy for their yoga, or space for people who want to entertain their friends or family living in Kathmandu. Or have a meeting.

The interior design and decoration is adding as well. We’re using a lot of variety, in hight and style, the cushions covered with fabrics from all over the world, our own lamps with a warm light. etc.

Stylish? A lot of style – but not glossy! You could rather call it Shabby Chic, but without the opulence.

Tings style is minimalistic spiced with Asian/ethnic touches – colors, textures and details

Tings is made to be used … its very casual, warm and welcoming. And it has patina. NOT from lack of painting on the walls. We maintain the house and furniture continuously, paint the house out-side and inside a couple of times every year, etc.!

Some patina comes from the uneven furniture with the sometimes very alternatively finish 🙂 which Annette designed and got made locally.

Take our low tables.

They comply with Annette’s drawings in size. But since a ‘Leveler’ doesn’t exist in the local carpenters vocabulary all the legs are not completely in angle and the joints are not entirely tight and smooth. But as a good friend told us when she saw our disappointment:

This is Nepal – learn to see the charm in it. Otherwise you will get to many disappointments here.

But the most important patina is the one you only get from the many stories our guests have shared.

And that’s a lot. Because we don’t have television – neither in the rooms nor in the common areas – our guests entertain themselves by exchanging love and life.

Space and style alone does not create a ‘feel’

The ‘feel’ grows from the people who fill the space. If our guests get the ‘feel’ they feel comfortable. Then others feel comfortable as well. We do a lot of things to increase and improve the ‘feel’.

Like the

  • art on our walls – local as well as international. But ALL made by artist that are now friends as well (you can feel that)
  • music in the lounge – AND NO – we do not play Thamel Music. We play a lot of Jazz, Electronica and World Music
  • smell of home baked bread in the morning
  • the heat we have everywhere during the cold season – (people say that we have the warmest place in town)
  • our lovely cats that share their love to all (if you hate cats – you have a problem).
  • and our wonderful staff. Not humble and formal – BUT cool and casual

A lot of friendships and business relations have been established since our opening

And we have got a lot of new friends from Tings ourselves.

That proves that we’re right when we say that there are a lot of free individual travelers out there who like what we do.

Travelers who spend the time finding the way to Tings even though we don’t use agents, we only have a blog and we’re hard to find because we don’t have signs on the street.

As Xavier – the owner of Country House in Chulamani/Bolivia explained us when we finally entered his gate very tired & upset after 2 hours search in the middle of nowhere and blamed him for his lack of Signs.

If we had signs everywhere we would only attract a lot of people that wouldn’t like our place. People have to make an effort to find us. Like you… right?

Xavier is so right!

The ambiance come from people. The only thing we can do is creating and nurturing the space that attract the right people.

We call the essence of Tings  an inciting oasis.

Tired of reading?

Click on the Buddha picture in the top.

Love and respect

Annette & Thomas

One thought on “AMBIENCE

  1. We haven’t been there yet– but I know I’m going to take lots of pointers to bring back and turn our little home into an oasis. 🙂


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