We arrange workshops, we help setting up meetings, we do research for people on the way to Nepal, we arrange business receptions, we evaluate business strategies, we connect companies and we help setting up PR, we also do pep talks etc.


Because helping out wherever we can has been a part of our ways of doing business.

Now it’s called business services LOL

(NB If you want straight forward consultancy service we also do that. Through our consultancy company Toga Care APS}



Business People Turn Down Frills In Favor Of The Basics Like Free Wi-Fi

That was the message in Martha C. White’s article  Few Frills, but Free WiFi that appeared in The New York Times April 7, 2014.

This was the first time we found out that here is a category name for the kind of Hotels that Tings Lounge Hotel belongs to. They are called selected service hotels.

In her article Martha C. White highlights the new trends among business travelers: From the expensive full-service-hotels towards the cheaper (but more cozy) selected-service-hotels.

Forget the kale in the minibar and a turned-down bed. For many business travelers, a clean, affordable room without all the frills and in the right location will do just fine.

Quote from the article. Read it all by clicking the picture below


[EasyGallery key=’54’]


To us this is old news

A good part of our guests are business people that used to stay in business hotels like Radisson, Hyatt etc. – now they follow the trend described in the press.

According to The New York Times what matters most to the new business traveler are three things: 1) Location, 2) basic conveniences & 3) cozy common areas where you meet people.

SPOT ON – that’s exactly what we want Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel to be.  An Inciting Oasis where interesting people meet, and with the basic conveniences that we know could satisfy our own needs when we traveled on business.

We don’t have Minibar’s in the rooms, we do not have Television and we do not have as high water pressure as they do at the business hotels here in Kathmandu.

But our internet is faster, more reliable and free. Our menu is smaller – but what we serve is much better and healthier and much cheaper. And finally – the people you meat at Tings are different. Many of our returning business travelers say our crowd is far more interesting. And one thing is for sure: You won’t find the prostitutes you always find in the in the bars on the International Business hotels.

The article in The New York Times is based on America where things are different from Nepal. Still we recognize the trend. And already now we know that our business approach works – several of our business guests have got business contacts in the lounge – contacts that have grown into fruitful collaborations and hopefully interesting business.

We love that.

Annette & Thomas




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