Yesterday I had the most fantastic Art Experience in Kathmandu EVER

Until Yesterday Outsiders Krew’s Share the Word was a completely unknown Art Project to me.

Share The Word is the Outsiders Krew‘s first major art project, taking place in different countries around the world.
The aim for the krew is to work in low income neighbourhoods for 3 to 5 weeks at a time. In each country, graffiti artist Seb Toussaint and photographer 
Spag ask people to give them one word they would like to express.
This word then becomes the main feature of a mural painted spontaneously by Seb Toussaint


The guys teamed up with NCAM who send 20 of their kid’s out doing ther own murals in the real world after an introduction-to-street-art-workshop at the museum in Hattisar.

The way Share The Word has changed not only the slum of Bainsighat in Teku but also the life of the people living there is amazing.

A true example of the Power of Art!

So powerful that you forget the bad smelling Bagmati River… 🙂






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