Its International Jazz day today



Just woke up to a tweet about International Jazz Day – Never heard about it. In my world its Jazz Day EVERYDAY!

And at Tings we play Jazz everyday (when the load shedding allow us(.

When we opened our 1 Art@Tings Exhibition with Jazz Legends: A collection of some of the best Jazz Portraits ever taken – by two of the best Danish Jazz Photographers only 29 guests turned op :LOL!

I found out that the reason why nobody came was that nobody knew about the Jazz Genre.

Bur what about the Jazzmandu Festival?

Yes – we have a Jazzfestival in Kathmandu. BUT this festival is mostly for Expats and the Nepalese upper class that can afford the expensive tickets.

1 Jazzlegends 20-10-11

The local jazz lovers with no money haven’t got a chance to attend and no chance to widen their knowledge in the fantastic Jazz Universe.

We play a lot of Jazz. And when jazz lovers come by and ask about Jazz we take the time to explain, introduce and inspire. BUT jazz takes time – you cant get an introduction during one or two visits.

That’s why I’ve made JAZZ FOR DUMMIES: Tings Introduction To Jazz.5 lessons with various Jazz Tracks that will guide most people in the various directions. The 25 tracks is ONLY THE TOP OF THE ICEBERG (or less). But it should be enough to inspire you… Enjoy!



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