Tings is a “Selected-Service-Hotel”

biztravel-master1050New York Times today: Business People Turn Down Frills In Favor Of The Basics Like Free Wi-Fi

There is a category name for the kind of Hotels Tings Tea Lounge belong to. They are called selected service hotels.

In today’s New York Time Martha C. White highlights the new trends among business travelers: From the expensive full-service-hotels towards the cheaper (but more comfy & cozy) selected-service-hotels.

Forget the kale in the minibar and a turned-down bed. For many business travelers, a clean, affordable room without all the frills and in the right location will do just fine.

To us this is old news. Half of our guests are business people that used to stay in business hotels like Radisson, Hyatt etc.

It’s got a comfortable lobby, the location is great, you can walk to bars and restaurants, and it’s easy to get a cab. I’d much rather spend $200 than $400 in that situation.
And they’re adding the style elements so you’re not feeling like you’re staying in a budget place. Ms. MacPhail, about Courtyard Chicago, a selected service hotel.

The key words for hotels like Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel are: 1) Location, 2) basic conveniences & 3) cozy common areas where you meet people

Although I often stayed in full-service hotels, I was a repeat guest at the Aloft Silicon Valley in Newark, Calif., where the atmosphere encourages social interaction and networking.

You tend to meet like-minded people there. I’ve made some business contacts there. John Cotrupe, Business Consultant

READ THE ARTICLE  Few Frills, but Free Wi-Fi

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