Where do you go out eating in Kathmandu: LAZIMPAT!

After a long day of sight seeing, a long travel from the mountains or from another part of the world the thought of going far to get something to eat for dinner is unbearable.

So what do you do?

Thamel is the most obvious place to go out for tourists: Lots of restaurants and bars – in various shapes, conditions and qualities. We only go there ourselves to meet friends.

Another popular place is Durbar Marg – especially among the local upper class. We rarely go there – but the huge sunny terrace at the newly opened Mezze will change that.

When we don’t eat at Tings we usually do what most other foreigners living in Lazimpat and locals do. We hang out in Lazimpat.

One of the reasons why we chose this location for Tings are all the restaurants and bars just outside our door.

Since the reconstruction of Lazimpat Road was finished 4 weeks ago the road is booming with new eateries…

The other day Dorjee had a good experience with Venus Restaurant and Bar (between Bhumis and Saigon Pho) a place I know because we used to live close by and always recognize the building (a beautiful residential house with huge gardens) – now with new owners and kitchen. This one is top of our to-do-list when we return to Kathmandu.

So dear guest/friend/traveler – when you get hungry and feel too tired to go to the tourist crowd DON’T PANIC

Here are a few possibilities ON LAZIMPAT ROAD in less than 5 minutes walk from Tings


Thomas (currently in Yangon)

NOTE: There are at least 3 times as many restaurants and bars within the 5 minutes walking distance. These are just the ones Dorje and myself could come up with on Lazimpat Rd – with logos 🙂

The Station Trisana VENUS

VooToo bhumie02365f Buzz China Town Friday Jazz UpStairs Kotetsu Saigin Pho

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