Thank’s to all our guests: Tings has become Traveler’s Choice 2013!

Trav Ch2013

For the third consecutive year Tings Tea Lounge has become Traveler’s Choise in Kathmandu.


Trip Advisor is a strange list.

Since most travelers only stay in one hotel and therefore cannot compare Tripadvisor doesn’t say anything about which hotels are better than others.

What it says is whether a Hotels guests are happy and satisfied with their stay or not.

That’s why we’re very happy!

All the guests that stayed at Tings in 2013 liked our place and the ambiance we try to create.

2013 has been the first year where we have been more away from Tings than been there.

So this prize goes to Dorjee, Jit, Sanjeet, Suza, Mithun, Aman, Rajkhumar, Bijay, Gita, Shamilla, Bajej, Sagar and Ally & Mickey.

We love you!

Thomas & Annette



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