Travel to Myanmar #2 – Entry Points & Visas

2013-12-17 09.54.49

Things are happening so fast in Myanmar these days. The procedures you use and recommend today are different tomorrow.

For most travelers – the changes are for the better. Its easier to get visa, you can enter to several destinations from several countries and one of the biggest news in 2013 are the 4 new overland border crossings from Thailand.


It has never been difficult to get a visa to Myanmar.

But to all of us Europeans living in countries without a Myanmar Embassy it was a hassle to get it. Either you had to send your passports to a country with an Embassy – or go there yourself – or get it in Bangkok.

Today it’s possible to get your visa in two ways

VISA on arrival: This is possible if you apply for it online 10. It’s a little more expensive but very convenient.

There are several online services – our friends have recently used  this one Myanmar Visa.

VISA from an embassy: Before we always got it from the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok. We applied in the morning and picked up our passports in the afternoon. The  Embassy is conveniently located Silom Sathon with lot of good accomodation, skytrain etc..

NOTICE: If you are traveling in other Asian Countries check if there is a Myanmar Embassy and get you visa from there. We get ours from Kathmandu where there a nobody compared to Bangkok.

NOTICE: Remember to travel with extra Pass Port photos and copies of your pass port.


A few words about border crossing

By Air: Two years ago it was only possible to fly to Yangon/Myanmar from Kumning/China and Bangkok/Thailand.

Now you can fly in to Mandalay, Yangon and Naypyitaw from almost everywhere. BUT the cheapest and most frequent flights are from Bangkok.

AirAsia, NOK Air & Bangkok Airways have each 2 – 4 daily flights to each of the destinations in Myanmar. The flight takes around 1 hour. More about flights later.

Overland: Overland border crossing to Myanmar has been topping the travelers list for years. As from September 2013 it’s now possible to cross the border from Thailand 4 different places if you have a visa.

Foreign tourists still have to leave Myanmar by air.

NOTICE: We haven’t yet done it ourselves – we read about it in the media. So check with the Myanmar Embassy before going!


Travel to Myanmar

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