A word from a guest… with a book to our guests :-)

When we returned from our research trip to Seoul a couple of weeks ago we found a small package delivered to Tings by the post office

You might think… what’s so special about that?


First: we never receive snail mail anymore.

Second: We only rarely receive packages – and when we do they are almost always send to us via The Danish Embassy.

Third: This one was from a guest Ron & Marilynn who stayed with us months ago. Ron used our library, swapped books and said he would send us his own novel – it would be released soon. We had almost forgotten about this until we got his book and letter – not because we didn’t trust him but because of the reasons above.

Letter Ron Mitchell



Yesterday I read the book in the bus from Bagan to Yangon….

I read a lot – it’s my favorit entertainment! So I’m usually very critical when I receive books from writers I haven’t heard about before… not because I’m arrogant but because I’ve wasted time on too many bad books…

Broken Collar entertained me a lot.

The story is universal – its about love – about young Bob and young Maria who couldn’t find together as teenagers because of teenage confusion, passion, too many too active hormons, drugs etc…

When they meet 15 yeard after they spilt up the situation is more coplicated than when they parted.

Bob has become ‘Farther Bob’ ….

What I really like about Ron’s book are the settings and the characters. A Catholic environment in a local US Milling Community that sounds as exotic as the places we travel  to for hours to experience.

And then it’s about all the images and ideas you get when you hear about monks and nuns who devout their life to a religion… how can they live with all the strict rules they chose them selves… what about sex? alcohol? dope, passions…

Defintely a book worth reading.

If your stay at Tings and want to read it – please ask for it. It’s not in the 1st floor library – we don’t want to swap it, but you can read it during your stay.

Or – if you are curious have a look at the book on Amazon where you can download it for 10 US $.

To Ron… thanks for sharing.

Thomas/from Yangon


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