We really love when Tings makes a difference

unnamedWe really do our best to craate an enviroment where cratives meet, share and create projects

And if we can be of any help in that process we have achived a lot of the thing we had in mind when we decided to set up Tings. To use our skills and network to make a difference – big or small doesn’t matter as long as somwthing happens.

Yesterday – while traveling in the Burmese country side – I received this mail from ChristophI who stayed at Tings more that a year ago.

Dear Thomas,

I hope you are fine.

We met last year at your great guest-house.

Our documentary film on the Teraï is finally finished and we are back here to show it to the Kamlahari girls before coming back to Katmandhu.

Thanks to your great advice, we will show our film “Kamlahari, Nepals stolen childhood” at KIMFF this week.

The screening is on Friday 13th at 12.30.

If you are in town it would be great to see you again, also if you have some guest that are interested in seeing the documentary it would be a pleasure for us.




Unfortunately we won’t be able to see the screening at KIMFF. BUT as Christoph writes in his mail to us – he would love if some of our guests have the time.

We recommoned it of corse. This year will be the first where we wont attend



Kamlahari, I’enface vole du Nepal

“Kamlahari, Nepal’s Stolen Childhood”

Dir: Cristoph Schwaiger
52 min, France/ Nepal 2013

Young girls strive to reclaim their stolen childhood.

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