Travelers on the way to Tings – PLEASE READ!



A lot of people traveling to Nepal have a wrong perception of how things works. Or how things are supposed NOT to work… or???

What I mean is:

Travelers kind of expect things NOT to work and accordingly don’t get surprised when the web is not working, the water isn’t hot, the gas heater freaks out etc. So instead of telling us about the problems they accept the situation and…

Don’t do that!

For two reasons.

  1. We spent a fortune on the few basic things we find extremely important to make your stay with us as pleasant and convenient as possible. We have 3 different web connections – all as fast as we can get them. We have two combined solar/electrical water heaters. We have gas heaters in all rooms and common spaces. And these days we are spending a fortune to clean out the iron from the water so it hopefully will get clean and clear very soon.So when we reviews from guests where they complain about things that doesn’t work – without even telling us during their stay – we get sad and frustrated.Most of the time we can fixe the problems immediately.
  2. This country will never change if you – dear traveler – doesn’t tell the Nepalese hotel emploees/owners about the things you find important and crucial and complain when they don’t work. So instead of accepting the situation Because Nepal is a poor developeing country…  SPEAK UP!It’s not about complaining. It’s about sharing informtions people can use in order to make things better.Remember – all the staff you meet in hotels have never stayed in one themselves. Most af them have never been pout of the country… so how should they now.

I’m mentioning this because I just read a review on Tripadvisor from a guest that stayed at Tings for the second time… she had a few ‘situations’. But instead of keeping quiet she told us about them….

Initially the shower was a bit weird (extreme hot and cold), but somehow we manage to get it right. Even if we didn’t, we were sure that Tings would be able to do so. Just like what they did for the gas heater in our room, the initial gas heater was not working. They replaced it and ensure the second one worked.


Enjoy your day,






One thought on “Travelers on the way to Tings – PLEASE READ!

  1. Talking about problems… right now our land line doesn’t work… It’s not ourfall. Still we will send a guy down to NTC to try to convince them to fix the connection asap

    Strange country


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