Fellow Travelers – if you haven’t been to Korea GO-GO-GO-GO!

The10Smartest Asia/Pacific Cities

In the fast-growing region, which urban centers are poised to become the model city of the future?


Yesterday we got a mail from our close friend Jesper Carvalho with a link to an article about the smartest cities in Asia according to the online magazine Fast Company|Business + Innovation

Just arriving from a 15 day research trip to Seoul/Korea it wasn’t a surprise to find Seoul topping the list. That city is by far the smartest place we have traveled so far.

But Seoul (and Korea) is a lot more than IT, business and communication.

Its culture, architecture, art, food, entertainment, nature, heritage, shopping and the loveliest people in the world.

Actually the country is the most interesting place we have visited in a very long time.

If you don’t trust us – click on the picture below.

[EasyGallery id=’koreahighlights2013′]

Its a big mystery to us that Seoul and Korea has so few travelers from the west (less than 4 % of all travelers are from Europe) – the city can easily compete with Berlin, London, New York, Amsterdam, and other international tourist favorites.

We can’t wait to get back!

Annette & Thomas

AS ALWAYS – don’t hesitate to get back to us for ideas, destinations etc.


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