Travelers on the way to Nepal – A few words about strikes.

On the 20th November there is an election in Nepal. All parties arrange strikes like they have done in the five years we have lived in Nepal/

During these five years strikes have been an ongoing issue. We have stopped finding out who’s on strike, why they are striking and how long each strike lasts.

Nobody knows?

Family and friends who lives outside Nepal always call/mail us when a Nepal is on strike. The foreign press usually covers them and usually in very colorful ways using the most dramatic scenes they can get their hands on.

Most of us living here enjoys the strikes. There are no traffic, people are enjoying life in the streets and the pollution is almost gone.

For travelers the situation is almost business as usual. The National Tourism Board do their best to make your stay as pleasant as possible. And in the five years we have been here they have managed very well.

Unfortunately you will find people who want to take advantage of the situation and rip you off. Especially when it comes to transportation and especially when people arrive from the airport.

If you arrive these days and find the airport ’empty’ with taxis – DON’T worry. There are shuttle buses that takes travelers from the airport down town.

If you stay with us at Tings – the bus take you to either Radisson or Shangri-La. Both in walking distance from Tings. Please call us from the airport 014414497. Then we will help you carrying the luggage. Price is fixed and cheap – around 150 NRP.

NOTE: All buses/cars with green plates are allowed to drive with tourists during strikes.



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