It’s Tihar and the kitchen is running on half power!!

We will of course serve all dishes from our menu. But if you don’t have patience to wait a little longer than usual we have  a few quickies on To Day’s Special

  • French Onion Soup (last years favorite dish!),
    We can’t get Gruyere 😦 but we use our own home aged cheese. Very rich and and perfect in the cold season –

    NRP 350

  • Spanish Tortilla made with new potatoes and the right oil…
    As always we serve it with lot’s of salad and home baked bread.

    NRP 200

  • Confit de Chicken with haricot verte, One more Tings Classic Winter dish.
    When we introduced it a last week all legs was sold out!!!
    We serve it with haricot vert, roasted potatoes and lettuce French Style

    NRP 550

Aman and Out Kitchen

Aman preparring our To Days Special before he leaves for his Tihar Famely Thing…. NOTICE: Our new out door kitchen. It’s still under construction… but it works. And the monkeys haven’t found it yet!!!


On the way to the menu…. Rilllette de Wild Boa and Coq Au Vins. Two more Tings Classics…

/Thomas, Aman, Sanjit, Sagar BiJay


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