What a lovely morning…. Sun is shining, bird is singing & the smell of home baked bread from the kitchen is surrounding me!

…. & during my morning meditation I was overwhelmed by all the positive things that is happening.Things I have neglected to mention because of my ‘monsoon mood’

  • First – Jit our chef – will go to Denmark for a 90 days tailor made internship where friend and chef Claus Joergensen aka KarmaMan – will teach him very important kitchen disciplines such as Kitchen Economy, Kitchen efficiency, Kitchen organisation etc… and of course give him a lot of inspiration

    20130808_151919This project has only been possible because of support from Claus, Friends and followers in Denmark, the Danish Embassy and our very flexible staff. Depending on the ‘outcome’ of these efforts this is definitely something we will rethink and take further…I’m looking forward to post stories fromJit’s encounter with the crazy and extremely well organized Danes.
  • In Jit’s absence all his colleagues joins forces and ‘take over’ as much as possible so our guests won’t notice the difference. Bijay and Mithun – who usually work in the Lounge want to get and insight in the mysterious kitchen and start to day. But only until Jit returns and/or our new kitchen staff is ‘implemented’. (Bijay will also attend a special Management Course…  more about that later)
  • Sagar started his college two weeks ago – to our big and positive surprised he told us about his wishes to go back to the class room. And Rajkumar continues, he is now on his 2nd year.
  • During the monsoon Tings has undergone a lot of changes/renovation.
  • the alcoveThe old Guest Kitchen is transformed into a new room…  at the same time Sunny Corner (next door) has got an attached bathroom. So now all our rooms except Cupboard room have attached bathrooms. Annette and Dorjee have shined up most of the rooms with new colors and more love.
  • The guest kitchen is moved to the Top Floor – this floor is for Hotel Guests only.  We hope a lot of guests will get together around the spacious common table and use the covered balcony.
  • The internet is faster. We have increased the lines, upgraded the speed and got faster routers.
  • In the kitchen we have worked on what a lot of people call ‘real coffee’. This will reach our menu in a couple of days. And from next week we will list To-Days-Specials and mail out once a week…burger
    IMPORTANT: Very soon we will introduce a burger. But only once a week. Right now we are working hard to bake the right Bun, get the right meat and make the right mayo. We will ONLY have one burger. The Classical one – with/with out bacon and/or cheese.
  • The upcoming Art@Tings opening has got a lot of positive response everywhere – especially in the media (two TV stations wants to cover the opening!!!)  The fantastic people behind the event will redecorate Tings with beautiful art through out September…
    The opening on the 30th will be spectacular with a lot of happy guests and several of the heroes of the artists. There will also be a Red Carpet After Party at Places Restaurant & Bar. So if you are on the way to Kathmandu and will stay at Tings – prepare yourself for a very positive surprise. If you want to see the portraits – click on the picture below.


[EasyGallery id=’prasadportraits’]


  • To me personally this project is our most important so far. It is masterminded, initiated and realized by Young Nepalese only – without any involvement from Embassies, NGO’s or other well meaning foreign organizations. Tings hosts the opening – and this time – we have guided the involved as good as possible.THE ART IS AMAZING – SO COME BY AND BRING CASH & SUPPORT THE ARTISTS!!!
  • The garden is preparing its BIG comeback after the monsoon. You can feel how restless all the plants are when you walk among them.
  • Baje – our gardener – is preparing the second harvest of our various herbs and spices.
  • Jazz Upstairs has reopened. We have a new Tapas Bar next door and just opposite the British embassy we have a brand new international style cafe.
  • Annette’s new venture Tings Rings is really taking off. All are personally designed and made from the most beautiful precious stones bought in Yangon and made by the best Gold & Silver Smiths in Kathmandu. See this beautiful one by clicking the picture below.

    [EasyGallery id=’kalika’]


  • I have found a 25 meter pool in walking distance from Tings so I finally get my exercise…. 1,000 meter in 25 minutes at Annapurna Hotel.
  • Even Lazimpat Road smiles today… or is it laughing?

I may have forgotten a few things – if so I’ll update this positive post during the day.

Have a good day – and see you later at Jazz Upstairs tonight.




3 thoughts on “What a lovely morning…. Sun is shining, bird is singing & the smell of home baked bread from the kitchen is surrounding me!

  1. Your positive and inspiring post makes me want to return to Tings. Congratulations and good luck to everyone in all of these endeavours.


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