Do you need good staff?

Our friend (and guest at Tings) recommends Karan who worked her in Abu Dhabi

We stay in contact with a lot of our guests – and a lot of our guests stay in contact with each other. The other day Lorraine mailed us about her office’s office boys – she wants us to help him finding a job.

…. he is returning home this week. He has been an amazing support and very well liked by for all the faculty at the university. Lorraine wrote…

We asked Lorraine to mail us a few word we could spread….

Here is her mail

Karan was office admin staff for us at Khaifa University in Abu Dhabi. He performed light admin duties such as photocopying, scanning etc. He is very quick and eager to learn and excels at tasks once taught them. He speaks Nepalese,  Hindi and English (lower intermediate level). He has a Nepalese high school certificate. 

He is interested in any office or restaurant work. 

He has my and my colleagues business cards should he need any other references. 


If someone out there is looking for somone like Karan – call him +977 9817541962

If you need more information and wants t speak with Lorraine call us. Then we’ll forward her mail.

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