Tings outside Kathmandu (3 of 3) LAST NOTES

Tings on the road… sounds stupid doesn’t it?

Just went through my notes from the last 2 weeks. It’s interesting to see what it is that means something to us when we travel. Our thoughts in the previous two postings describes two major part of what’s on our mind: our life in Yangon and about missing Tings in Kathmandu.

But after reading my notes I found out that there is a 3rd and very important Tings Element in our world: All our guests – or rather All the people around Tings in Lazimpat which also includes our local + foreign guests in the lounge, new friends, neighbors, artists etc.

To give you an idea about how people influence, inspires, excites us across borders here are a few examples from the last days.


The day we left we got a comment our Spanish guest Rafa on Tings blog

Hi there! I just stayed at Ting´s recently at the beginning and end of our treks. It was the perfect Oasis. I’m always so happy to find places like this and its great to hear you are reaching out to new horizons to make more special places. I want to take this chance to offer you all my special place here in Granada, Spain that follows on the same philosophies as Ting´s – El Numero 8  Hope to see you here or out there searching for the right time and space. Rafa

When we relaxed in the lounge before our plane took off I checked up El Numero 8’s website. On the opposite site of the world we have people running what seems like a Spanish version of Tings… same philosophy, same guests (free individual travelers), same price policy etc. Can you imagine how much energy you get when you find our that you have like minded friends out there you don’t know yet… We have to visit them soon.


Our friend from Australia

The day before we left Tings our friend and former guest from The Land Down under mailed me – nothing special about that. We’re mailing each other now and then – to catch up on travels, our lives in general, recommending books and/or articles etc. I like that a lot. She asked to our Myanmar project, to our staff in Kathmandu etc… that developed into several mails between us.


Gallery Opening

The first Saturday after our arrival we went to an Open Mike Night in Nawaday Alley Gallery. Hi Tings a voice behind us said. One of our regular guests from Kathmandu was in Yangon and had found her way to our local Gallery… small world?


50th Street – hugs from our old neighbor

… same thing happened our last night in town. We went to 50th Street to get a farewell drink… Hi Thomas… how’s it going with Tings Yangon. Our negihbour was standing next to me in the bar and telling me about how expensive her hotel room is and how basic (read: miserable) the place is. Yangon really needs a Tings – she told me before we hugged good buy.


Our Danish friend, guest and fellow art terrorist Torsten Hvas loves tea

In Bangkok Annette also went to Torsten’s tea shop – and shopped a lot of interesting teas. Especially a few Herbal ones… in the tea shop she met Yusana – a fellow tea lover who lives in London, but are planning trips to Kathmandu and Yangon! When I come to Kathmandu I’ll definitely visit Tings Tea Lounge. I always go to the best tea places. And please let me know when you open in Yangon …


GRB from Hong Kong wants to start up business in Kathmandu and came by Tings a month ago to get advice.

Before she left we told her not to hesitate mailing us if she had questions, wanted feed back on ideas or needed help in any other way… During our travel we had time to answer her mail and come up with in put.


Our Danish Friend Helle stayed with us at Tings for two months

Now she lives in China and was passing by Bangkok on her way home to Denmark. That gave us a chance to meet for a drink and a cozy + chatty dinner at our favorite Italian eatery in Bangkok.

Helle brought a present for Annette: two fantastic Chinese Teas



After Helle stayed at Tings she wrote a review on Tripadvisor. Lorraine from UEA asked her a question about the review – how Tings is for kids? They stayed here (and the kids loved it!), and Helle and Lorraine are still in touch.

The day before we returned to Kathmandu we got a mail from Lorraine where she asks us to help their Nepalese office boy who is returning to Kathmandu


And more tea

Our friend and Lounge guest Michael just opened Places Restaurant & Bar in Thamel. One of the new very interesting places in town. Tings is their official Tea Provider… so Annette shopped a lot of Tea for them.


SPACE Magazine wants to write about Tings Design

When Annette was up to her head in decorating our new office/home she got a ,mail from SPACES


Our Nepalese friend went to Denmark and needed insider tips for Copenhagen

…. etc, etc, etc…

Add to this all our usual daily corresponding…

I don’t know if this post + the previous two posts about our beings and doings when we’re away from Tings makes any sense to you. To us it seems very abstract and strange reading about it on the blog. Normally we never look at our life in this way. Then it’s ‘just’ work… very hard work 🙂

Any way… keep mailing/calling/tweeting/sms’ing/vibing/skyping us… we love it.






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