Places… the most interesting new place in Kathmandu!


This is something I have longed to write about.

I don’t want to challenge faith. But now Michael and his partners are so close to the opening that I dare risking it.

The soon to open Places Restaurant & Bar in Saath Ghumti will be the most happening hang out place in Thamel.


I’ve followed the thoughts and ideas behind it since they emptied the premise from the old Dance Bar items, got rid of the smell of piss and started planning.

Street Art, Sun Ra, Space Men, vegetarian dishes, fast internet, high quality tea, DJ’s and super well designed interior… How does that sound?

Sounds ambitious UH?

Well the interior is almost finished – it is stunning. And right now the first character in Sadhu X‘s and Deadline’s amazing wall piece is coming to live.

I’m sure you all agree that this Bonobo is impressive!



The guys in the kitchen are busy practicing – I know because yesterday they borrowed our old stow – their supplier did not deliver their’s as promised LOL.

And already know we are planning joint events – the next Art@Tings event will be something special with not only several venues around Kathmandu including Places.. The art itself has a depth I haven’t witnessed in the five years I have followed the art scene.

It’s fantastic to be able to share these first information – and what a privileged it has been to follow.

Looking forward to chill in your spacious cushions






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