A word from a guest and from Annette & Thomas

We stopped posting our TripAdvisor reviews ages ago.

And its also ages ago we dropped down from the # 1. Its simply not possible to stay on top if you run a place with attitude – sometimes you have to take actions and make decisions that guests don’t like only because the behave against our philosophy… 

We’ve done that a couple of times with guests behaved like teenagers that belonged in Thamel. These day you get punished for that by bad reviews. But we don’t care – You can’t befriend all! 🙂

We also got reviews from guests that never stayed with us LOL – we tried to get in touch with TripAdvisor a few times. But that’s impossible. You communicate with robots. AND Robots with out brains. ROFL

But we read all reviews and use the information (good and bad) in constructive ways to improve/correct/change our small place.


The reason why we post the review below is because it popped UP at the same as the Maoist guy who wanted money to buy weapons left. And the reviewer nailed the results of our work SPOT ON.

First the reviewer list our core ideas about Tings… its about inspiring, involving locals in social areas, exchanging etc.

Second and more important – the reviewer  praised our work with our staff… Meri Jahn (who ever you are) you don’t know how much one means to us. That travelers actually notice the result of our training! We’re not there yet – but very soon we’ll have the best staff in Town.

If the Maoist Guy reads this: F*** YOU – very soon we’ll have a the future Radisson Chef with us… or one of the bosses at Mercantile or Kethan Group…. That’s revolution!

Take your guns and stick them uo where the sun doesn’t shine – or use our weapons



Annette & Thomas





“Laid back retreat, cant wait to go back”

Absolutely love the concept of Tings. From the open plan social areas, simple traditional designs, and in-house art exhibitions to the work they are doing with locals, this was an inspiring place.

We stayed in the corner suite on the second floor with a lovely little balcony and huge walk in shower room.

We stayed in November so although the days were beautifully clear and hot the nights were pretty chilly, but we were given our own gas heater for the room, which was lovely and cozy.

There are numerous public lounge areas in the creatively converted house, where you can relax and share stories with other guests and enjoy the simple yet tasty snacks menu.

The owners have done a wonderful job of training the local guys who run the guesthouse with real personality and attention to detail. A little bit of a walk from Thamel, about 20 mins one way, but I never board of the sights and sounds walking through the streets of Khatmandu, and the taxis are so cheap that you can get anywhere around the city for just a few pounds.

A truly wonderful introduction to Nepal!


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