Dear traveler – Nepal has a very sad side. The country is corrupt and packed with cheaters.

Guests just arrived 15 minutes ago

Nothing unusual with that… they do that all the time.

What’s strange is that we couldn’t see them in our reservation list. They have stayed with us before – and like our place. So the asked their hotel in Pokhara to book a room with us again… or, they thought they booked a room..

Their hotel did call us. He called Bijay who told him that we did have a room which the hotel told their costumers.

How much for the room? asked the hotel.

35 US including breakfast, tax and web Bijay answered.

OHH – that’s too cheap the hotel told Bijay.

You charge them 50 US and give us 10 US. OK?

NO WAY said Bijay.

That pissed off the hotel so much that they cancelled the booking without telling their costumers.. How could they after telling them about the room a few minutes before.. and since the hotel spoke Nepali with Bijay their customers couldn’t understand his cancellation

So dear traveler – this is the country you are going to visit.

Sad but true.

Luckily not all Nepalese are like that. So there’s hope ahead 🙂

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