Just got home from Parents Day at East Pole Higher Secondary School.

Well that is actually NOT true. Parent’s Day was last Friday. Salina just forgot to tell 😉

Salina at School (1)



So her school’s principal called Gitaand asked her why she didn’t come…


But as I told the principal: Very normal for a 10 year young girl

It turned out that 40 % of all parents didn’t turn up last Friday – and we were the only ones that called and invited ourselves for a new meeting. To the principal’s big (and positive) surprise 🙂

I have always hated parents meetings… too many parents, But since we are here we feel  its important to involve as much as we can. And the least we can do is to go and her about Salina’s performance.

And she is doing good… the teachers had only positive things to say – and they were all impressed by her results especially as they know she can get any academical support at home. Only love – but that can take you far!
Another great experience!






That’s something Carlsberg, Coca Cola and other companies are. We’re just lucky that we have the possibilities to support Gita and her talented daughter.

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