My Nepali Norwegian Obsession… hmmm :-/

In my Jazz for Dummies #2 – Tings introduction to Jazz – from 2011 one of the tracks I played was Keith Jarret and Jan Gabarek’s Spiral Dance. I posted the track with this comment: My dream is to see Garbarek playing live with Sukarma…

This comment was NOT coming to me from out of nowhere. I got the idea when I saw Sukarma for the first time in 2009 at Gurukul. When Mariano Albello joined the band onstage the first thing that struck me was Jan Gabarek performing with Sukarma at the Royal Danish Theater (Inspired by Bajafondo’s concert at the same venue a few months before – THE WILDEST CONCERT I’VE EVER BEEN TO – CHECK THE FOOTAGE HERE ON NME)

Christmas Eve our friends Murray and Anni gave us two CD’s. One of them is Sukarma with Ibsen…. I have played the non stop for two days.

Garbarek is Norwegian – and so is/was Ibsen

What are these Nepal/Norwegian connections?

Please explain.



One thought on “My Nepali Norwegian Obsession… hmmm :-/

  1. You may look for a connection between Bajafondo and Sukarma. Well… in that case you hav to see Sukarma live.

    Bajafondo is from Argentina – and they play EDM inspired Tango…. Sukarma is NOT electronic. But after a while the tablas carries you away like a good groove or a good DJ does. I got carried away completely… and it was a morning concert without alcohol. So you can say that Sukarma are the real thing. Organic EDM.



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