Sudeep and Laxman says ‘See You at the opening of Art@Tings on Friday’

Right now we’re planning the walls…. whom to place what, where and sometimes how?

All are here – just not physically. Sudeep and Laxman couldn’t make it…

Laxman mailed us so, thoughts…


I liked the hide and seek game during my child stage . we always try our best to hide,so each tome we disguise and put various thins on our face Iike this game very much. But these days,I am relating my on going life with the same old days game.Once again, I am feeling alone some and far behind hiding.i am not experiencing independent because I am overshade my increasing boundless desire,changing society and restrictions of family.And always i express my repression in my painting.

So did Sudeep – but not in words…

Read more about our upcoming opening here.


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