Now we have an in-house tailor at Tings :-)


Those of you who follow this blog will remember our introduction of our staff back in May – when we introduced staff interviews to uncover their dreams…

When we talked with Shamilla she told us that she dreamed of learning how to make clothes etc. Dorjee found her a tailor class and very soon she showed us one of her first creations. A beautiful red dress.

At tings we use tailoring a lot for bed sheets, curtains, towels etc. So instead of sending all our work to a tailor shop it makes much more sense to give Shamilla the business. Its good for her and good for Tings.

Yesterday we got a mail with a photo of Shamilla and her new sewing machine Dorjee bought for her. Isn’t it beautiful 🙂


It’s a privileged being able to help.

Thomas (from Yangon)



This is how it works (Thanks to Ronnie Rocket for enlighten me)




2 thoughts on “Now we have an in-house tailor at Tings :-)

  1. Kære Thomas og Anette,
    Respekt! Det varmer mit gamle skrædder-hjerte at læse dette 🙂
    Jeg håber Shamilla får en masse spændende syopgaver!
    Stort knus fra Frk. Hansen


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