Good Morning Kathmandu – Art, Music, Food and Happy Tihar

What a beautiful morning!

Had a very busy day yesterday. BUT a very lovely one as well… it actually was my plan to post the high light before going to bed. But I was too tired and fell a sleep with my Laptop.



I finally uploaded works by the last two of the 7 artists that will perform at the next Art@Tings event in December Laxman Karmacharya and Arjun KhalingNow it’s possible to see previous works from the artists who will invade Tings in December… But what they will show is still unknown…. that’s not quite true – Aditya came by and showed us som of his ideas.

We’ll keep you posted.


Like the rest of Nepal Annette and I had our Tika – for the second year we got it from Ani whom Annette gave one in return. We really like this colorful festival – even though almost everything is closed.


News from the Kitchen

We have introduced two new items on the menu (or at least on our torday’s specials.

One of them is already a success according to the number of orders the previous two nights. That’s a dish Annette has named Tings Chicken Tapa. It consists of juicy slices of chicken breasts topped with Thomas own variation of a Sauce Tatar (capers, mayo, garlic, sea salt, ground pepper and a lot of love), our new Paresh Feta Cheese topped with the best black olives in town and slices of plain tomatoes with our own basil and a generous amount of olive oil. We’ll post a photo when we remember to take one 🙂

BUT we remembered to take a photo of last nights super star: Thomas’ new home made variation on the classic Cheese Cake (And yes Phil – it is made with a generous amount of McVities Digestives, and yes we do follow them on Facebook, and yes… we don’t know why)


All 12 pieces sold out in one night… 150 NRP pr piece.


The cheese cake will be a permanent dessert as from today!


We’re still busy – and some of our staff is still on holyday

But Tings is big – and we have a lot of places where our guests can chill and/or work. And if our staff is too busy to entertain you we get help form our 4-legged darlings


New Music Category

Before we went to bed Thomas posted a groovy track on his new category Spaced-Up@TingsGnod & White Hill’s Drop Out.

Enoy your Friday (we’ll have more guests coming, the painters are painting the house and the kitchen is working on our new dishes)


/Annette & Thomas


2 thoughts on “Good Morning Kathmandu – Art, Music, Food and Happy Tihar

  1. i am suprised to see laxman bazra lama in the articles? who is this laxman bazra lama???
    cos my name is laxman bazra lama too,,, good to know that there is two laxman bazra lama


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