While we’re waiting for the ‘name’ of the upcoming Art@Tings event.


Anne Lelong just removed  her beautiful works from our walls. It’s very depressing – it’s like loosing a lover. But we can live with that – her exhibition was very successful. She sold half of her works!

So Anne: Congrats to you – and thank’s a lot for the piece you gave us!!




Our walls wont be naked for a long time. On 14th or 15th the we’ll open the next show with 7 very talented young artists.
As mentioned earlier on this blog we don’t know what we will show. Our only criteria to the artists is: Only never seen before works!
So it’s a little strange for us to present people with out knowing what they will do. But hopefully we will know very soon. Until then we have decided to show their previous works…


The first two of the seven artists are: Sudeep Balla and Aditya Aryal…. follow the links to some of their fantastic works.
We will present the remaining five artists during the next couple of days…


Annette & Thomas



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