Say halo to Binod – our chicken supplier…

This is a story from our daily life

Binod shows us how to ‘shave’ the goats feet we need for our fond

Yesterday Christine – a new regular guest from Provence that stays with us for a month – asked us: Where do you get these excellent chickens from?


That question made me really happy – that fact that someone actually notice the quality of our products is really encouraging. Especially when it has to do with meat which normally is the shortest and fastest way to get delly-belly.


Our chickens comes from Binod whom I met the first week we moved to Lazimpat in spring 2009.


On one of my daily ‘shopping trekking’ I suddenly saw a new ‘pinkish’ shop with a freezer and a pair of happy laughing eyes above two rows of shining white pearly teeth that performed a white smile.


That was Binod.


Since I knew that I one day would need a regular supplier of chickens for our future Tings Lounge (by then we hadn’t found our house in Nursary Galli) I thought it might be a good Idea to have e chicken friend.


So I introduced myself and asked him if his chickens were fresh?


I didn’t mean fresh fresh – I meant foreigner fresh!!!! And that is completely different to the local freshness standards here in Kathmandu where a lot of shops try to disguise a bad smelling piece of chicken by having a spontaneous puja with ‘spiritual’ incense to cover for any suspicious odeurs.


I told Binod that if he promised only to sell me day (hour) fresh chickens AND tell me NOT to buy a chicken if it’s not fresh then I’ll promised him that I would buy ALL my chickens at his shop as long as I lived and had a business in Lazimpat.


AND I also promised him to come by and KILL him if I ever had a chicken that gave me and/or any of our guests delly-belly.


Sometimes Binod shakes his head if I or Jit drops buy for one or two chickens – Then we know that he can’t guarantee the quality. But he always calls us afterwards and asks if he can bring us fresh ones…


So far Binod has kept his promise – and so have we.


So when Jit this morning told me that he was going to Binod’s place and buy Mutton for our Dashain meal tomorrow I went with him… due to the road widening project his shop on Lazimpat Rd is closed – I have never visited his other shop.


Binod was not at his shop when we came – so I used the occasion to say halo to his family ‘look’ around and play with the half goat in front of me.


Binod came 10 minutes later with a fresh piece of Mutton – prepared the feet for our fond, took order for two kg of fresh chicken fat (for our ‘confit de chicken’ on Thursday) and invited us home for a snack…  the latter we had to postpone. We have to prepare our Dashain dinner tomorrow.


Right now Jit is making a Newar-Mutton-Something and I have prepared the lentils for our Kwati…


So tomorrow we’ll have our own small Dashain dinner at Tings.


So dear guests – if you come by tomorrow have patience. Our kitchen is OPEN – but things may take a little longer than usual…


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