Copenhagen’s gem according to International Herald Tribune

International Herald Tribune today: Discovering hidden gems of Europe

After we subscribed to International Herald Tribune I’ve rediscovered the pleasures of reading off line Newspapers. International Herald Tribune is a fantastic newspaper – with all the contend i remembered from Politiken in the old days….

In today’s paper there is an interesting article: Discovering hidden gems of Europe!

Being a die hard Copenhagener (down town) my eyes jumped directly to the secret gem of my dear home town.

Got a bit of surprise when I saw their pick: Dyrehavsbakken – or just BAKKEN – 15 minutes by train from central Cph. But after thinking for a while and after putting myself in the foreign travelers shoes I couldn’t agree more.

Bakken is a magnificent choice. And the only option when it comes to Danish Amusement parks. Tivoli was erased from own personal What-2-C-and-Do in Copenhagen years ago.

In my opinion Tivoli sucks (to re-use Seth Sherwood’s vocabulary) which Herald Tribune agrees with me in by this introduction…

Be careful as you step from Central Station and plan your big outing in the Danish capital. Across the street, the Tivoli Gardens are like a verdant vortex that sucks in all passing travelers, luring them with flashing lights, old-time rides and open-air concerts. Fortunately, a folksier, cheaper, larger and more historical alternative is tucked away to the north of the city. In a forested area known for revelry and entertainments since the late 1500s, Dyrehavsbakken, known as Bakken, bills itself as the world’s oldest amusement park.

Read the rest of the article here: Hidden Gems of Europe: Copenhagen or come by Tings and read the whole paper with a cold Tuborg (it’s ok – it’s holiday today)



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