Yuyutsu conducts a poetry workshop i collaboration with V.E.N.T.

When Yuyu and I started working on the idea of arranging a Poetry Event at Tings Yuyu mentioned his idea of involving people who loves writing but does it secretly in an inspiring  and encouraging workshop.

I loved the idea – sometimes it doesn’t take more than a few kicks-in-the–a** and advice from someone with experience to jump out of the closet and recite ones poems. And if Tings could be used to ‘Kick’ – it’s more than we could dream of…

I know that there are guys and girls ‘out there’ with excellent and creative poetry. I’ve read them myself in the e-zine  V.E.N.T. who ran a so called Poetry Bug throughout 2011 – an event that encouraged it’s readers to send in their poetry…

V.E.N.T. was introduced to me by one of our oldest friends in Kathmandu, Khusbu Agrawal who is a part of the VENT team. I love their project and have been longing to do something with the team behind since the first time I read it.

So the last day before we left for Europe I connected Khusbu and Yuyu and suggested that they met and talked and…

All this is ‘history’ – now is now. And Today we just posted the invitation for Poetry Workshop Yuyu will run prior to the Opening of: Poetry@Tings: Conducted bu Yuyu and onlined by V.E.N.T

The invitation is below.

If you want to participate you can register here: Registration







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