An evening with Yuyutsu RD Sharma and Anne Lelong on 12th October 6 – 8 pm.


Our 4th cultural Art@Tings Event kicks up on Friday the 12th.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to get introduced to Yuyutsu’s latests poems Milarepa’s Bones and Anne’s very exciting photo works: Sacred Dance.

As usual we will entertain our guests with a glass of beer or wine and something to eat (we don’t know yet).

An excellent opportunity for our hotel guests to get an introduction to the local art scene and for the locals to mingle…

Read the whole invitation here: Poetry@Tings 

We will post information about the artist, their works and the program for the evening here on the blog… so follow us on Facebook and/or join the Event.

Don’t miss this confluence of poetry and art!


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