Thomas & Annette say Namaste from Berlin…

First: Sorry for the silence…!

But our time in Europe has been one big chain of meetings, parties, dinners and practical things since wee arrived two weeks ago. Thomas has not been in Copenhagen for 3,5 years.

Now things are a little more relaxed here in Berlin where we are on holiday with Thomas’ son and his girlfriend 🙂

Being away from Kathmandu is not the same as being away from Tings. We are in contact with everybody several times a day thanks to Skype, Facebook, mail, Twitter etc. so even though we are far away we’re still close… we have to. Not because we need to – Dorjee and the rest of the staff is running everything better than we can do ourselves – in the hotel and in the restaurant…WE ARE SOOOO PROUD.

But we miss everybody so much that we have to know and comment on all the things that are going on with our Nepali family… It really warmed our hearts when Dorjee mailed us 10 days ago that she has found a college for Rajkumar.. the day we left Kathmandu he received his results from his exams. He passed!!! Congrats!!! So he had to find and join a good college immediately. We have spend the previous weeks to discuss the future with him and the direction for his studies, so he was pretty much clear about what to do… and now he joined a Humanity line at Southwestern State College


Rajkumar in his new uniform…

Remember we told you about our staff interviews back in May?

Well… the things we talked about was not just chit-chat. We try to be as specific as possible and follow up on the issues that we are capable of changing/improving.

Things has taken longer time that we had hoped – but that’s because our talks were in May just before the holidays – not the best timing from our side.

Yesterday Dorjee mailed us that things are finally progressing…

Shamilla has started tailoring classes – she once had a short course in stitching and has since then dreamed of learning real tailoring …

And the rest of the staff has started classes in English. Language is important no matter what you want to do in the future.

We’re still working on some of the other staff more specific dreams… we’ll get back when/if we succeed finding a solution.

Our selves… what about us. We’re spending our precious time in Copenhagen working on a plan for Tings in Myanmar… While writing the new Foreign Direct Investment Law is approved by the Myanmar parliament. As it looks now it seems as if it will be possible for us to start up very soon… but let’s see.

If we succeed getting investors we will be busy traveling between Kathmandu and Yangon… that is only possible because of our staff. They impress us everyday…. Dorjee’s managing skills are huge and growing day by day. Her initiatives and sense of responsibility is on the same level as the best young guys and girls we have worked with in our professional careers.. (and that’s a lot!!). She is brilliant!

In the kitchen Jit and his team are creating ‘todays specials’ everyday… and as we understand – to everybody’s satisfaction . We’re are looking for a few tools that will make their life a bit easier when we return.. and Thomas has a few ideas for new dishes for the menu 🙂 (Guys – I’m looking so much forward to playing with you).


What else to say – we are not topping TripAdvisor?

We’re not #1 on TripaAdvisor anymore… due to two silly reviews: The one we mentioned in august and a new one we got a week a go. This one is from a traveler who never stayed with us. He complains about a service we don’t provide BUT offer to help with in case our gusts needs it…

We find it extremely unfair and have contacted TripAdvisor about the the reviews. If travelers can post whatever they want without relevance to the real world TripAdvisor wil not be the tool it’s meant to be.

But actually we don’t care. We’ll keep on doing what we do, and do it as good as possible. And as all of us has absolutely NO experience in running a hotel we somtimes have to improvise… but we’re honest about what we do.

So if you like what you get, post some words on TripAdvisor or send us a mail directly…


Thomas & Annette


2 thoughts on “Thomas & Annette say Namaste from Berlin…

  1. Dear Thomas and Anette
    We have just had the very positive experience to staying at Things 18-20 and again 22-23 march together with the rest of the Jan Kornholt team.
    We must admit that we were impressed by the cosy and friendly staff and especially you local manager which offered us the service of picking up our missing luggage from the airport, which were highly appreciated as we had the leave for a trip to Nargakot in between our stay at Things.
    The only “complain” we would mention is the state of the bedroom mattress in our room The Gallery West. It seem to be worn down and is very hard.

    Best regards and hope to return next year
    Rene and Hanne Henriksen


    1. Dear Rene & Hanne,

      First of all. Thank you so much for your kind words. It means so much for the staff, And even more to us because we’re spending more and more time away from Tings because we’re starting up Tings Lisbon. Its tough to be away from our lovely staff.

      Regarding the mattress.

      Its a never ending problem. Some guests prefer soft and others firm. You should have told the staff – then they would have given you softer mattresses.
      If the mattress is warn out we will change them as soon as we’re back in Ktm on the 7th. Or we will tell the mattress makers to come and make new ones.

      One thing – we don’t take your comment as a complain. We honestly take comments like this one very serious and change and improve things as soon as possible.

      Love and hugs from Lisbon


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