The Best Restaurant in Kathmandu right now is….

Mitho Mitho in Jahmsikel!!!

Most travelers find the food in Kathmandu good.

And it is!

The variety will satisfy most tastes, the prizes are affordable to most budgets and most of the places in the tourist areas are safe…


But if you are looking for haute de cuisine things are a little different. All of the so called fine dining restaurants have one thing in common.

Their skills are far from their ambitions…

Instead of refining and/or inventing dishes/menus based of what’s available on the market they try to make international classics (mostly French and Italian) with local substitutes because the original ingredients aren’t available…And that never works.

Why have creme brullee on the menu when the cream you get here in Nepal is useless?

Make something else… or at least be honest and charge prices that reflects the ‘distance’ from the original and the prices on the market. Here at Tings we make French Onion Soup in the cold season – and we know it will never be the same as the one you get in France – simply because you can’t get a decent Gruyere and fresh Thyme. And our confit de chicken is far from it’s elder sister Confit de Canard. Same goes with our rillettes de Wild Boa…

But we are not an expensive restaurant and we do not pretend to be a French Bistrot. We use whatever we have learned to cook on what we can get… and that ca sometimes be a little difficult. Especially if you want to have non veg….

When it comes to getting meat for meat dishes there are two alternatives.

Either you buy frozen products OR you find a butcher you trust and teach him/her how you want your cuttings, how much fat you the meat must have etc…

The first one is in my opinion non existing. Most of the frozen products you get here is not good enough. – so except from an occasional sausages we never use it.

The second alternative is only relevant if you know about meat…

I don’t!

But my friend Walter who owns Mito Mito in Jamshikel knows!



The other day we had dinner in his lovely garden and ordered his his Schwein Axle.

And it took us by surprise!

It is the best dish you can get in Kathmandu these days… The meat, the mixed salad, the mustard, horseradish paste, the sauce… everything exceeded our expectations.

Actually both the food and the ambience exceeds all the restaurants we have visited in the more than three years we have lived in Nepal (and that’s a lot).  

It’s not pretentious – its honest. And he uses the best products available…

The bonus is his small but very charming garden that brings memories back to the cozy an trashy back yards in Berlin in the beginning of the 90’ties…


To all the fine dining restaurants in Kathmandu:

Do like Walter – instead of trying to do the fancy food from the magazines/cook books/TV, do what you are good at based on whats available outside your door.

To you dear reader

If you haven’t tried Walter’s Mito Mito yet – DO IT!


That’s my opinion.



Mito Mito is impossible to find without directions:

Mito Mito on Facebook.


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