Remember Juju’s Tea-For-Together-Party at Tings on Saturday



The other day a friend asked me about the project and why we are involved… he knows we have a very strong opinion about not helping the kids in the streets around town by giving them money.

The thing is – every time tourists give money to the kids they encourage them to continue their street life instead of either going back to their family OR get a home (+ school, food, clothes etc) in on of the many children’s homes in the valley.

But after following Juju’s work a couple of Tuesdays where he gives the kids a cup of tea, breakfast and sometimes pen and paper so they can express themselves and exploit their creativity I know that The Tea-project is not about hunting the kids and send the to  orphanages – most of them way too far off. It’s about giving them two hour’s of love and compassion once a week – things that will never change their lives but at least give them a small Oasis in the miserable life that has become their destiny. We can’t have anything against that.

I don’t know if Juju agree’s this opinion – but I hope that our small involvement encourages him to go on.

If you like to meet him and some of the kids see the movie above.. OR come by on Saturday.

Details on Facebook





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