Travel History


On my first day in Kathmandu ever I fell in love with the Pagoda Post Boxes you find every where.


I took a picture of the one we passed by in Lainchaur everyday on our way from Thamel to the India Embassy to apply for visa. Last year I shot a picture of the same Post Box – this time it was rainbow colored 🙂

Since then I took pictures of all the post boxes we saw on our travels around the world. I

Yesterday I found all the pix in my files. 40 different countries…

Our guests still write post cards and letters to family and friends at home. They don’t use the post boxes but give them to us. Once a week we bring them to the GPO and watch the person behind the counter stamp them. If not the letters will never reach their final destination… 🙂

Weird to know that this is history.



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