We’re back in at Lazimpat – with high spirits and good energy…

 The Times They Are A-achangin’…

… a quote from one of our favorite poets, musicians, artists, opinion leaders or what ever you lable Bob Dylan.
And times are changing. Even in Kathmandu and even in our hood Lazimpat 🙂

Actually Kathmandu does have changed a lot the previous years…. and not for the good. The changes has happened fast and without planning with causes a lot of problems for all of us living here. Lack of electricity and lack of water are two of the most common problems every body deals with. But not bigger problems that one can solve them one way or the other – and unless you stay in a very cheap hotel many tourists won’t notice these problems.

The biggest problem that the travelers will notice is the traffic. The numbers of cars has increased in a way we haven’t experienced in any other country around the world. They are every where – and during rush hours even the shortest drive can take hours. It’s killing people.

The problem – so far – has been difficult to solve.

Due to all the new high rises that are built every where the numbers of expensive apartments for the upper middle class with at least one car each makes the pressure on the roads unbearable – especially during rush hours. And specially in Lazimpat that is considered one of the happening neigbourhoods in Kathmandu.Taking the load of this pressure by increasing the public transportation is not possible. All major roads are too narrow 😦

There is only one solution to this problem: Widen all the roads.

Everybody knows that – BUT nobody wants to do it. Mainly because most houses are build too close to the road – only a few buildings are the official 11 feet from the center of the road. This rule has existed for years but everybody has paid off to get around it.

Consequently all these illegal houses has to be broken down to leave room for the wider roads that are musts unless you want a traffic melt down.

A year ago the government started the widening of 300 km of roads in Kathmandu. That project arrived to Lazimpat while we were in Myanmar and workers started breaking down the houses. So finally our hood look as chaotic as the rest of Kathmandu. For people arriving to Kathmandu it looks depressing – but to us it looks encouraging. We look forward to wider (and drained) roads with side walks and room for buses and bicycles…

So when you get here do not get too chocked. The chaos is a sign of positive progress.



The wall surrounding Standard Chartered Bank is gone…


Ambassador Hotel at the entrance to Lazimpat will be gone soon. Sad but necessary.


Lazimpat Gallery Cafe (or Artie C’s as it’s called today) stays – only the new wall mus go


The Nepali sweet shop next to our supermarket Blue Moon must move at least 6 feet backwards. So must Blue Moon…


Again – it looks depressing. But trust us – radical changes leaves room for new ideas, projects and initiatives. There are already numerous projects blooming up just outside Tings’ doors.

I’ll post a story about that very soon.

So stay tuned.




The media about the Lazimpat part of the project:

MyRepublica: Road expansion drive resumes in capital.

eKantipru: Road expansion resumes amid protests

The Himalayan: Dozers roll on Lazimpat-Golphutar stretch

The project can’t be stopped. It’s the only solution to the infrastructure in Kathmandu. BUT the government can treat people in a nicer way…/T


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