Milly is back…

The other morning at 5:30 am when I sat down at the foot of Sule Pagoda in down town Yangon to start my meditation a small Milly-cat sat down next to me… 30 minutes later when I finished with sharing the merits from my meditation to friends, family and Tings the Milly-cat was still laying next to me.

I told Annette this little incident during our breakfast. So it was very scary (in many ways) when we the following day got the information that Milly was gone.

The day before yesterday Annette got a message from Dorjee. She has been in Boudha where a seer read her hand

Milly was alive, she was actually near Tings… someone has taken her…


The following morning Ally went to a house close by Tings and started crying loud… the staff followed him to the big annoyance of the people living in the house who started shouting at them.

22 hours later we got a mail: Milly is back.

I don’t know if she was taken by our neighbors. Maybe she was…

I think she wanted to see how Myanmar is and joined me for my meditation…

But most important. She is back – and all are happy.

Especially Annette and myself.

/T (just got online again in Yangon)


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