What an opening!

Thanks to all of you who turned up at the opening of HomeSickBlues

We had a lovely evening with old friends, new friends and future friends from all Nationalities, ages, religions, sex, casts and races…

Most of our guest loved the art. Some were sceptical and a few didn’t get it at all.

But isn’t that what art is about!

We sold two pieces – and that’s more than we expected… after all, the prices are above the usual rates.

We don’t now exactly how many turned up. But it was between 150 and 200 – and they enjoyed around 400 mini Calzones, lots of beers and home made Ice Tea and the huge Tuborg Birthday cake…

Another good thing. The idea of having Art Shows in a hotel where the guests literally sleeps among the art is perfect. And having an opening had exactly the intended impact. Our hotel guests mingled with our local friends and made new contact and friendships.

We’ll spend a few hours enjoying the good feeling we have inside and get back with a few pictures from the opening…


Annette & Thomas

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