Today’s interview in Friday is nonsense.

Last week we got a call from Friday Weekly

They wanted to know about our upcoming exhibition.

This morning I saw the interview in the magazine. Since it’s so far from the one I gave to the journalist I have decided to post both versions on this blog if it has any interest?

When journalists change your quotes you normally get the text for approval. But not from this magazine.


Here is the version from today’s Friday.



And here is the interview I gave

Friday: What kind of art collection is the event  forwarding?

Thomas: Contemporary art from the absolute best artists in Denmark – prints, collages, mixed media, drawings – actually a very weird collection. The only thing the works have in common is that its made by our friends and that we love it!!!

Friday: What are the main attractions of the event apart from the art collection?
Thomas: Meeting intelligent people with attitude and something on their hearts – all treated nicely by our super cool staff and Ally and Milly (our cats), and of course Annette my lovely wife.

One thing..This exhibition is only possible because the love and support from our friends AND Gallery Claus Christensen in CPH. Normally not even the Danish Embassy can get their hands on these artists… so this is a unique event.

Friday: Could you divulge more on “Home Sick Blues” for all those who are not familiar with it?

Thomas: Well originally our idea with Art@Tings was to help Nepali artists express themselves – using our walls – or other parts of Tings depending on the format to show their art. 
The Nepali art we have seen so far is fine. But not more. 
We have a feeling that Nepali artists are too afraid of expressing themselves, to show the world their innermost feelings. Or rather – to show the wild side of themselves. It’s as if they try to please others, make beautiful things they believe others want, like or… I don’t know. We miss craziness, sex, aggression, blues etc. in most of the art we have seen here. And that is sad – especially because we know that the young talent out there have exactly the same wildness in them as all other artists on this planet.
We have been in Kathmandu 3 years now – and we never miss Denmark… we miss our friends and the European Art Scene. Since we have a lot of artist friends ind Denmark, why not use the occasion to get relief from our home sickness by showing our friends works and hopefully inspire – or provoke – the local arts scene to kick our doors down with powerful art.
Friday: You said that the pieces are displayed for sale. What kind of art pieces can the interested ones expect?
Thomas: Depends – some people will love it. And some people will really hate it. If you are among the first ones you get something that kicks your inner doors down and touches your mind and heart and lower parts of your body very strongly…

Friday: What themes does the collection cover?

Thomas: Beauty, sex, politics, humor… life? 

Friday: Is the entrance free or have you set some fees for the interested people?

Thomas: Entrance is always free. For the exhibitions we don’t charge money – neither from the guests NOR from the artists if we sell their pieces. And if some artists want our advice about their work, carriers they get it for free.

Friday: What kind of people are your potential participants?

Thomas: Tings is a meeting place for the free individual travelers (including “mind travelers”) – people who have something on their mind and hearts and don’t mind sharing. Tuborg shares the same attitude and we celebrate the beers 137th birthday as well – both me and Annette have lived with this fantastic brand for a long time). Tuborg will of course be present.


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