Cruisin’ for burgers

Your know the feeling’ – half drunk, hung over and a little confused about what really happened a couple of hours earlier.

The only thing you can think of is a BURGER for breakfast.
Then you wake up to reality.
You are in Kathmandu! The most depressing place to be in a situation like this where even the most serious and honest local initiatives out in the art of creating a decent burger is a disaster.

To us burger lovers places like Nina & Hager, Grill Me and the rest of the local “so called” burger places are solutions you only turn to when you are desperate – the bread is horrible (old, dry, sweet), the ketchup is wrong (I’m 100% sure the locally produced ketchup is dangerous), the meat is shabby and tasteless (not grilled) and if you ask for a mayonnaise and if you get it it’s worse than… (Sorry I can’t write this – but it’s NOT home made).
All this changed two months ago when Brian opened his new place in Dillibazaar behind the City Center with a menu that has 20 – T W E N T Y – different burgers that can cure even your worst hangovers…
I went there with some friends yesterday – to recover.
And I had my 10th ‘different’ burger!


Brian’s Grill House serves the best burgers in Kathmandu – (my friend Ulrik who has been in town for a week joined me. He said his burger was the best he have had for ages!!)
Brian still has to work on the music side – too much Thamel Crap if you ask me.


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