What does ‘Tings’ mean???

What do these two guests whom Annette entertain have to do with the name Tings???

A lot of people ask us about the meaning of Tings

Ting or Tings is a short version of Tingstrup – a rather unusual Danish family name.

When Annette’s father Gerhardt back in the 1940ties got a job at NESA (now Dong Energy) he was told to get a new family name.

The company had too many persons called Sorensen. I f he wanted the job, he’d have to get an other name.

This is unheard of today. But back then, other big companies did the same.

So instead of getting annoyed and use the ‘F’ word he bought a new name for himself and his family. And what’s more obvious than choosing the name of the small village where he spend his childhood holidays: Tingstrup just outside Thisted on Thy.

So since childhood Annette has been used to the nick name Ting, and when they married (18 years ago:) Thomas got the name as well.

Today Tingstrup is a suburb to the bigger Thisted, and nobody – or very few people – knows about the place.

Except for Inga and Poul-Erik. They worked in Kathmandu as volunteers 20 years ago and was on a revisit to see old friends. And of course to visit us at Tings…

Inga and Poul-Erik live in Thisted and their son went to Tingstrup School…:-)

Isn’t it a small world?



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