Thomas had a fantastic trip to Terai where he visited Gorkha Brewery!

We’re so privileged having a friend that lives at Gorkha Brewery in Terai outside Narayan Ghat. 

You must pay attention if you arrive by bus. This is the only sign you get.


Everybody knows that we love beer at Tings. Especially me – Thomas..

And beer has been an important part of my whole life. I worked at Tuborg in Denmark for many years and since I was 12 my biggest hobby (next to music) was beer culture. So it was a big thrill to spend four days here while Annette was in Denmark.

Trust me in this statement.

Gorkha Brewery is the most beautiful  brewery I’ve ever seen!!!!

And I’ve seen a few!!!

Spread over nearly seven hectares,Gorkha Brweery was established in 1989. as a joint venture between Carlsberg and Khetan Group. A state-of-the-art brewery was right down to the banks of river Narayani 10 km east from Narayan Ghat city.  .

The surrounding is stunning. The river it self, the jungle on the other bank, the birds and the local life from the picturesque villages that is spread all over the land on both sides of the brewery.


Before Gorkha Brewery there was NOTHING.

Now there are numerous farms that grows barley, wheat, vegetables and other agriculture products to the hundreds of families that has a new existence due to all the jobs Gorkha Brewery has created in the region.
And there are cows every where – cows that lives from the nutritious left-overs from the beer production.

The local farmers collect the nutritious left over from the beer production. Delicious foor for all their cows

In Nepal Tuborg is cosidered the ‘Local Beer’.

Tuborg, which was launched in May 1990, was the first-ever international brand introduced in Nepal. So most Nepalese beer drinkers consider it as their local beer. It’s only stupid tourists that drink beers like Everest, Kathmandu Beer and the other so called ‘local’ beers: Marketing products invented by people that has NO knowledge in beer brewing. I laugh every time I see the back packers that avoids MSG but still drinks the above beers where the smell itself gives me head ace. Can’t you taste the enzymes?   

The launch of Tuborg, Carlsberg and San Miguel changed the Nepali beer industry forever. Gorkha Brewery has grown to become the market leader holding more than 80% share of Nepal’s beer market and plays a very important role in developing this country. Its a unique example of how a well functioning joint venture can change not only the life of thousands of families but introduce a whole new industry that generates wealth for the whole country:

    • Gorkha Brewery is one of the biggest companies in the country with thousands of employees. Add to this all the and companies families that do business or have other relations with the brewery (suppliers, sponsor ship, education etc). The impact on the satndard of living is HUGE.


    • The brewery is among the top 3 taxpayers in Nepal


You don’t have to know people at the brewery to see this beautiful part of Nepal.

Go to Narayan Ghat – either by plane or by one of the Chitwan Buses. There a many nice and cheap hotel and guest houses and a very blooming local life.

Get up early and take one of the the local buses that goes WEST.

A few km after crossing the river you reach the forest. Now ther’s only 5 km left.

Continue until you reach the sign on the top of this blogpost – now you only have to walk 1 km to reach the river and the brewery. From here you just turn left (east) and walk along the river as long as you want. Or why not stop and ask one of the locals to take you on a river cruise in his canoe?

If you get tired or lost go to the highway and take any of the buses back to Narayan Ghat and pick up another bus to Sauraha (20 min).

You won’t get disappointed.



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