Tings Product – Annette is making her pashminas ready for her trip to Denmark…

Ting’s is a lot more than a small hotel and tea lounge…

A part of the Tings Brand is a range of products that arise from our small oasis in Lazimpat/Kathmandu: Things that set the ambience. 

All our 3 new products originate from the country we’re living in – the local materials and skills: handmade paper and lamps, handmade soaps and cashmere – or pashmina, as everybody calls it here.

We have decided to post stories from the production of our new products. The first one is our new Pashmina collection.

You find pashminas everywhere, but it’s difficult rely on the quality and to us personally it’s even more difficult to find a design we really like ourselves.

So what is more natural than designing and making our own scarfs, etc the way we like them :-).

Annette had a few Pashmina items made this autumn – they sold out almost as soon as people saw the.

So now we have started up a new and bigger collection of scarfs as we like them at Sushil’s factory which one of our friends recommended . They produce pashminas and other items for both the local market and international high quality brands.

Very cozy and authentic... and very local. AND NO - it is NOT an exploited and starving weaver that stands next to Annette. One of the workers was drying his clothes on a pole...:-)

On our first visit Sushil showed us around in his factory:


This is Sushil's longest weave - one of Annettes new shawls is being made on this right now (sorry, no picture of that, it's from our first visit)

Sushil has 8 looms in different sizes and with different possibilities, so he can make everything we could dream about.

Winding the thread to the shuttle.

We were very happy with everything we saw at Sushil’s place, so we have decided to start up working with him.

So stay tuned for more stories from the process,


If you want to make your own pashminas call us so we can introduce you to Sushil… or we can help you finding another. We don’t mind sharing our contacts 🙂

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