Our gardener’s daughter got married yesterday.

It’s the wedding season here in Nepal…

A week ago we got this invitation from our gardener… an invitation for his daughter’s wedding party.


We want to do the right thing and asked everybody what to bring, what to do, how to dress etc. But as our 7 person small family here at Tings is a mix of Buddhists and Hindus, and not only Hindus, but Hindus with different casts (which we HATE to deal with and do NOT ‘practice’) we got 7 different opinions and/or advice… LOL

We ended up doing it our own way – we dressed casually, brought flowers + an envelope with money and two Katas each – one for the bride and one for the groom.

When we arrived we got a bit confused…

Was this old person next to the bride the groom?

Since we didn’t know he got a kata from both Annette and me. Later we were told that we gave the kata to the father-in-law which was a wrong. But as our intentions were good we don’t consider it as a big mistake…


The bride... and NO the gentleman to her right is NOT the groom. He is her father in law..

Everybody at Tings were invited… But as the lounge and kitchen was open and our guests were having dinner we split in two groups. Me (Thomas), Annette, Jit and Bijay went first and returned after having the delicious dinner with the 400 hundred closest family and friends…


We’re ready to eat…

The dinner was the traditional Nepali set menu – but de-luxe-style with a lot of delicious ajars, jucy buff, crispy veg curries and plenty of Raksi and beer chang… the latter was too much for the four of us – we had to get back to work.

But when the rest of our staff returned later in the evening we could hear from their happy singing that they have had our drinks… 🙂


Second serving.... or was it the third?

All the best to the newly weds from all of us at Tings..


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